About SWOF

A documentary to find the truth about e-cigarettes.

Governments around the world are planning to regulate electronic cigarettes as medical products but normal cigarettes will remain freely available.  Millions of people worldwide believe they are being ignored by the people elected to listen. 

The government believes e-cigs are dangerous, and need to be controlled by either large pharmaceutical or big tobacco companies.  There is conflicting research about the safety of these products.

Trending on Twitter (#EUecigBAN) - the vapers are using the web to make their voice heard - but are the politicians listening, and can a group of people make a difference?  With webcams locked and loaded - they certainly are trying...

The "Smoke without Fire" documentary project will create a series of short films that explore both sides of this fascinating phenomena called VAPING...

"This has the potential to be 'Super-size Me' for smokers..."
Simon Davies
- Series Producer, BBC.

With your support, we plan to create a groundbreaking series that explores this vaping community, their legal and health battles, research, the ethical and political debates.  We will also conduct interviews with the leading lights in pharmaceutical industries, health charities and multinational tobacco giants.

Who is doing this?
Hi, I’m Andy Sutton and I work in TV and have done for the last 15 years. I have made and edited documentaries, commercials, promo’s and programmes that have won awards and are being shown around the world and one was recently nominated for a TV BAFTA.  I now own and operate Sutton Multimedia Services Ltd.

Why do we need your money?
Each minute of a regional TV show costs about £2,000 to produce (from script to your TV).  The majority of our crew won’t be taking a wage - so we are able to produce a minute of finished video for £500.

The money will enable us to hit the road - and start covering this story from the ground up - and if we exceed our goal of £10,000 we can do much more - and travel further afield to explore the history of the e-cigarette.

This project has an accountant already assigned to it to ensure fair dealing and the SWOF accounts will be published.  Every penny raised by this Kickstarter will enable us to film well known celebrities who use e-cigs , document vaping events, interview vendors and meet with industry organisations, politicians and experts within the media, scientific and medical research.
The money also helps with the more mundane aspects of TV & film making like insurance, legal advice, music and archive footage license fees.

stical and financial minefield - but prepared, we can stick a flag in any problem and dance around them like a happy lamb.

At the moment, if we secure an interview with a celebrity, politician or scientist - SMS Ltd. would be financially pushed. Your help means that we can get what we need to make this film.